Mercedes Service & Repairs– TRUST THE EXPERTS

Mercedes Service & Repairs– Trust the Experts

Taking Care of Your Luxury Car

Cars and More Orlando is a pioneer in quality and performance when it comes to car service and repairs. Having been in the business for so many years, we have mastered the art of taking care of luxury brand models like Mercedes. Our extensive range of repair services for all models of Mercedes makes us the no.1 choice for all owners of this elite brand. We understand the sophistication involved in the engine and systems of a Mercedes and our expert technicians provide quality solutions to optimize your car’s performance, comfort and safety.

From regular maintenance and servicing to engine diagnostics and repair solutions, we are your one stop shop for everything that your Merc needs. For your world-class vehicle, we offer nothing but the best services. Our Mercedes mechanics apply the most advanced product knowledge and technology and use only genuine Mercedes Benz parts designed to fit your vehicle seamlessly. We service full Mercedes range including A Class, B Class, C Class, E Class, S Class and more.

When you assign us for the Mercedes repair and service, you get the benefit of getting your Mercedes repaired in an easy and hassle-free manner. Our Mercedes services and repairs are flexible and customized as per your requirements. Our flexi packages are categorized in two groups. The Flex A services include oil and filter change, battery check with Midtronics tester, tire and brake inspection, besides other vehicle evaluations. The Flex B service includes all Flex A services, along with full vehicle function test and inspection including engine undercarriage, brakes, lights, HVAC system, throttle linkage.

Our competitive pricing is another reason why we are the best choice for your Mercedes repair and service. Our prices are way below the dealer prices, and our quality service is beyond what you expect.

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with Mobil 1 Synthetic!

Schedule A is considered basic service. During schedule A, your brakes, tires, and engine components will be inspected. Also, the passenger compartment functions will be checked, and estimates given when repairs are necessary.

Services provided under Schedule A include:

• Inspect the brakes and brake pads and linings
• Inspect tires for proper condition and adjust pressures
• Check brakes and brake performance
• Change engine oil and oil filter
• Check brake, windshield washer fluid levels and top off as needed
• Test battery condition
• Inspect interior lighting including warning and indicator lamps
• Inspect windshield wiper and washer operating systems
• Check headlamp cleaning system
Additionally, the FFS (Message indicator in instrument cluster) reset


Schedule B is your extended service schedule and includes an underbody inspection along with a more detailed engine, brake, tire, and passenger compartment inspections, replacement for the cabin filter, replacement of wipers and at our facility, a full vehicle scan with a factory level scanner.

Services provided under Schedule B include:

• Everything included in the A service
• Replace front wipers and cabin filters
• Rotate tires if necessary
• Inspect all suspension components
• Check and adjust all fluids
• Check hood safety catch and hinge condition
• Inspect for leaks and damage in the engine compartment
• Inspect steering components and boots, and front axle ball joints and rubber boots


(newer 722.9*) compared to over $500

Mercedes Service & Repairs

Pre-Purchase inspection: $99.95 WITH FULL VEHICLE SCAN. Don’t risk thousands of dollars buying a vehicle without a proper professional inspection!