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What Does a Blinking Check Engine Light Mean on a BMW?

After spending a small fortune on a BMW, the last thing you want is to encounter malfunctions and issues. Unfortunately, no matter how well you care for your beloved vehicle, there is always the possibility that you will run into problems. Fortunately, most BMW dashboards come with a set of indicators that light up when an issue or malfunction is detected. One example of such an indicator is the check engine light. If the check engine light of your BMW is blinking, here is some information about what this may indicate.


What Does a Blinking Check Engine Light Mean?

Obviously, if the check engine light is on, there is likely an issue with the engine of your BMW. What’s less obvious and more tricky is figuring out the problem that caused the indicator to illuminate in the first place. This is especially true considering that many different issues with different solutions can cause this indicator to illuminate.

If the check engine light of your BMW is on, it will either remain constant or blink depending on the issue. A steady light for the check engine indicator means that the issue is likely not serious or an emergency. However, a blinking check engine light usually means that there is a serious engine misfire. This engine misfire may have caused unburned fuel to get into the exhaust system of this BMW. The unburned fuel in the exhaust system can raise the temperature of the BMW’s catalytic converter substantially. At high temperatures, damage is very likely and costly to repair.

Therefore, if the check engine light is blinking, you should reduce the power of the BMW as much as possible. Then, you should have the BMW checked by a qualified service technician immediately. Don’t allow the issue to get any worse than it already is. In fact, even if the check engine light is constant rather than blinking, you should still schedule an appointment with a service technician as soon as possible.

What Should You Do?

After scheduling an appointment with a qualified service technician, you may be wondering what other steps you can take to limit further damage and deal with the issue causing the check engine light to blink.

Here are a few steps you should consider taking for the best outcome.

Try Tightening the Gas Cap

One way that you may be able to solve the issue is by tightening the gas cap. Just remember that it may take several trips in your BMW before the check engine light resets. Some vehicles possess a separate indicator that will warn the driver about a loose gas cap. If the driver doesn’t tighten the gas cap, the condition will cause the check engine indicator to blink.

Reduce Load and Speed

Reduce the speed of your BMW after noticing that the check engine indicator is blinking. This will help slow down the progression of performance issues, such as the loss of power. You should also try to reduce the load on your BMW’s engine. For example, if you used your BMW to tow large objects, you should stop until the issue is resolved.

A blinking check engine light can be an indication of a major problem. For more information about what a blinking check engine means for a BMW, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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